If you have a blog on any kind of subject whether it’s on traveling cooking sports whatever I believe these are the best WordPress plugins that you can use to both manage and grow your blog now I have used all these best WordPress plugins before and actually use eight of them right now live on my website on my own personal blog the other two I don’t use them and I’ll explain to you why. I also use image optimization plugin WordPress to optimize the image because it is very important for SEO In Google. I will tell you about the best SEO plugin WordPress Special for you.

                             Best WordPress Plugins




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                                kismet Is One of the Best WordPress plugins if you have blog chances are you’re going to enable comments so that people can make comments on your articles your posts you’re going to have spam comments one way or the other spam will arrive and with the kismet, you can stop those comments from appearing on your website and Kismet is best WordPress plugins for removing fake comment about your blog. if you don’t take care of spam they can negatively impact your SEO so you definitely want to make sure that spam comments never make it to your posts and Akismet in my humble opinion is one of the best if not the best plugin for fighting against spam comments and it’s also absolutely free so you can just install it it’s very very lightweight and it does its job perfectly so Akismet for number one number two is going to be the WP discuss our comments plug-in now the default WordPress comment section is usually very very dull it’s boring what WP discuss does better than any other comments plug-in out there is that it provides styling functionality and above all it doesn’t slow down your website it’s absolutely fantastic plugin for comments and i’m gonna show you an example of one of my dummy sites where i’m actually using this particular plugin it’s right here so basically if anyone wanted to post a comment on this article in here right now they’ll have to add the name email and then they will also have to add the CAPTCHA code to ensure that it’s not a spam comment plus they can also hit the bill so that they notified whenever anyone responds to the comment or they can even come in here and subscribe so that if anyone posts like new comments on this particular article they can get notified via email so it adds a lot more functionality and adds a lot more style to the default WordPress comments section definitely check out.



Wp Discuz

best wordpress plugins








Wp Discuz Is the most popular plugins for WordPress.You can use this commenting system called Disqus. You can use it with any website whatsoever. So even if you have a static HTML website, you can add this commenting system to your website.

                         Some of its features

It has Gravatar features, you can see here, which gives it a nice personal touch. Users can add text comments as well as image comments, they can share and also, importantly, they can upload and download as you see here. it’s very very simple to install.you can log in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ or you can sign up using your email address and password… The next thing that you need to do is go to the post that you want to add a comment section too. So, now that I’m already logged in to WordPress, I can edit post directly through this area here; so I’ll edit that post. Now go to your screen options, click on that arrow. You’ll see a little section here where you can enable the discussion module in this particular post. Now, if I scroll down, you’ll see this discussion module and you’ll see it allows me to enable allowing comments.



Rank Math

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                                          Rank math Is best WordPress plugins for blogs this is a plugin high falling absolutely in love with over the past few months for many years I was using Yoast SEO I thought yours was too good this plug-in ever I started using mine came out a few months ago and I can honestly tell you that Bank math is the superior our plugin for SEO without question. Search On youtube how to use. Rank math better than used SEO well it offers everything that yours does but it is a lot easier to use the user interface is superior Plus Yoast SEO actually has a paid version where they offer additional functionality rank math offers you all the functionality and it is absolutely free of charge that is the best thing about these volumes absolutely free there is also a Facebook group managed by them that you can join in and they provide support 24/7 it is just this is a plugin made in heaven and I’m really praying that they don’t begin to charge for the plugin because it is awesome in every way so you’ve been using useful if you’ve been using Yoast and you’re not entirely satisfied with Yoast out hell recommend you give a shout out to the rank amount of Trank math.



WP Review

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                                                                  WP Review is a plugin that has both a free and a paid version but the what this plug-in does is that it allows you to write professional reviews for whether it’s services products you name it I use this plug-in on our website and here’s an example of how it actually works so for example this is an article I wrote many years ago comparing the different page builder site origin elements or beaver builder and so any right now you can see the score I gave you for psychology and you can see the main features the score that’s what’s at origin you can see a bit of a builder here four point seven and so on so I used the plug-in to create this particular a kind of review it is absolutely fantastic it does not slow you upside down and with the paid version of the plugin you can include schemas for movies schools you can change the color in system it is it is absolutely fantastic.it has a paid version the free version is also fantastic you can do a lot with your free version so if you’re gonna be writing reviews on your blog whether it’s for services products movies you name it definitely give a WP vehicle a chance I think you will absolutely love the plugin.



Optin Form

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                                                           Optin Form is the best forum plugin for WordPress In 2020. Optin forms now to be fair there are other plugins that do something very similar but I like Optin forms because of its simplicity it is very very simple to use and it’s basically a plugin that you can use to build your mailing lists it is fully compatible with MailChimp are covered kid get response eye contact or Weber and so on it also offers you different kinds of temples that you can use about six of them so very very simple you can install it connect the plugin with your email account system if your mail account system if it’s mail check, for example, you connect it to MailChimp you add your template and it’s good to go very simple to use very very effective I love this plugin definitely give it a try if you are interested in building your mailing list. I want the best free form plugin WordPress in 2020 then tell me in comment i will tell you about the best free form plugin WordPress.



WP Last Modified Info

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                                                      WP last modified info now this is a plugin that typically would not make most top ten lists for best plug-ins for blogs but it’s actually very very important you see whenever you write an article and maybe six months from that day you decide to update that article it’s always a good idea to indicate that hey this article has been updated as an example this very same article that I wrote on page builders this was published initially February 6th of 2017 that more than three years ago but thanks to the plugin when I updated this article you can see right now it shows that hey this was last updated favorite when they thought 2020 so this is useful because it informs the reader that okay even though this article was initially published many years ago it’s been updated it also is good for search engines because now Google and other search engines will know that okay this article has been updated definitely give this plug-in a try I think you would love its functionality plus it’s very very simple and it’s fully customizable to use.





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                                                Basically this plugin is useful optimizing your images now if you have a blog the chances are you’re going to be using lots of images for your articles your posts images can slow down your website because they are typically heavier than text you need to optimize your images and this I believe is the best plugin for image optimization it is better than an image file. it supports every single kind of image format even the new generation of image formats, not just pings or JPEGs it supports every possible kind of image format out there and like I said it is based on the cloud you install it it’s very very easy to use I absolutely love this plugin if you’re looking for one to help you optimize your images trial optimal today I think you’re going to love this plug-in plus it’s also free they do have paid versions of the plug-in but from what I can tell the only difference between the free version and a paid version is that you might get live support so if you’re having any issues working with the plug-in you get live support if you go with the paid versions that are the only real benefit I feel but I’ve been using the plugin for many weeks now and I’ve never had any cause to contact there you know the supports so there you go all right.




Easy Table Content

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                                            Easy Table of Contents plugin if you write posts that are more than say two thousand words it’s always best that you create a table of contents that will allow users to scroll through your content it is great for SEO it’s great for the user experience so what this plug-in does is that basically, it will scan through your post and then look for like the main header so if you have like an h2 h3 it will then add those headings into a table of contents and of course you can edit make sure that it’s actually accurate definitely give this plug-in a try it’s by Steven a Sam there are other tables of contents out there but I like this one in particular because it’s very very simple this is actually one of the two plugins I don’t use on my own personal blog and that’s because I use elemental and element already has inbuilt functionality for creating a table of contents button but if you’re not using Elementor definitely give this plug-in I try I think you will love this plugin.




Social snap

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    Social Snap LLC there is a lot of plugins out there for sharing content on social media but in my humble opinion this is one of the very best because it is fully customizable and even though there is a paid version of the plugin the free version is fantastic it allows you to add a floating bar to the left it allows you to customize whatever networks you want users to be able to share your content on you can change the color in the system the styling options is absolutely amazing and this is an example of what you’d get with the free version you can see the floating symbol right now on the left for example it’s right there plus you can also sit down in here you can users can share this article on Facebook on Twitter on LinkedIn and they can even add their own additional systems maybe like Pinterest and so on and so forth so definitely give social sharing for what pressed by social snap a try I think you will like this plugin.




Content Locker

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                                                                                            Content Locker is the best SEO plugin WordPress.Rank So what does kind of Locker do basically what it does is that it will show part of your content to the reader first and they will either have to share the article on social media or they will have to sign up or sign in so it’s a great way to boost traffic to your site it’s a great way to get users to sign up on your website but I would recommend caution because this could also backfire sometimes because sometimes realize might not be convinced that hey I need to sign up to your website I’ll just go elsewhere to look for the information I’m looking for so make sure that before you actually use this plugin make sure that you actually have really really good content that will compel readers to actually sign up so that they can actually view the content okay so I’ll recommend you give the trial if you notice all of a sudden that your balance weights have increased or that you’re losing traffic then you may want to install the plug-in and try something else but definitely I think this is a plugin that you can give a try and see what happens so there you go these are my top ten plug-ins for WordPress blogs I know that this is a relative and its objective these are subjective choices basically but if you have a counter-argument if there are other plugins that you feel are better than the ones.






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