I’m Going To be Show Out Some Viral And Some Top-Rated Best Kitchen Appliances Brand In The World 2020. Many Best Companies Introduced new Technology In Kitchen Appliances Which Helpful For Us.


Herb Mincer


Herb Mincer it Best Kitchen Appliances Brand In The World 2020. Herb Mincer it is from kitchen deo it was 1099 and it comes in a little book like this but then when you get it out you don’t have to build it all you have to  do is press in the two buttons and then all of the blades just slide down like that so this little gadget is supposed to do a couple of things it minces and chops herbs but it will also slide the herbs off of these stalks it will almost like take  the Leafs off so I think I’m gonna try that out first I’ve got some coriander here but it’s supposed to work on mint and rosemary as well so you would just take the stalk-like that and then put it and then like pull I through oh that didn’t work  very well oh I think I’ll just use the bigger one maybe hmm not really worked maybe it works better on Rose Marie but it’s not actually working that well on Corrie and up I suppose you would actually chop up the stalks so let’s see if it  even chops very well so all we have to do is like slide it across it all I mean that’s smells pretty good so if that’s actually since up the herbs really easily now I’m going to see whatit’s like it’s a clean.



Stem Gem Strawberry Best Kitchen Appliances Brand In The World 2020. Stem Gem Strawberry color now this has over 4200 reviews on Amazon all of which are four and a half stars and above and it said it quickly removes cores I didn’t actually realize that strawberries had cores and to be honest when I ever take off the leaves of strawberries I’ll either just cut it off or I’ll use a straw to use this thing there is a button that you press and these little blades pop up and then you put it around like a kind of like insert it to the top of the strawberry but this and then I think you push down and let go of the button and then pull up oh that does not work oh that does work  that’s so cool oh I think you do actually cut off less then when you cut it right let’s try it again so you go in oh I do I get it now I’m gonna like it and then to just get rid of the core you just go miss it so this is seven pounds 27 it does  work so well in the past this is how I would like call a strawberry and it’s like a little hack of mine so you’d put the straw just through like that and then it just pops out the top and you just literally get obviously you go through the whole
strawberry but you literally just get the green bit off so that is also quite a good hack.

Onion Goggles


Onion Goggles new technology in kitchen appliances onion goggles so this is supposed to be good if you cry when you’re cutting onions I don’t struggle that much with this but Matt’s my husband cannot even be in the same room when I’m having onions because it affects his eyes so much it also said on the ad when I bought it that they are windproof and I don’t avoid me that in an onion goggle but I’m gonna taste them out today they do feel like quite snug like around the eyes so I put an onion here so let’s chop it up I do obviously get teary-eyed like when I’m making a big Chinni and you know I need to cut up like three onions then I do get like the teary eyes so so far I’m not feeding it and I’m gonna get rid of it guys so I think just steal your kids swimming goggles and it might do the same thing so you might not need to invest it these were like ten hands but yeah they are really really much I think the test would be to get max try them in Philly in my face Kenya I can smell but does that make your eyes company the the smell is right there stealing up a little bit Momo’s go but if I know so they have it they actually work they’re also really really  stylish and I think that they would be a perfect like novelty gift if you have someone in your life that really struggles to cut onions see .

Any Sharp Knife


Any Sharp Knife sharpener and now this is 9 pounds 60 and it has over 13,000 ratings on Amazon and 75% of those are five-star so I’m really excited to try this out and we actually need this we were gifted some really nice expensive knives at Christmas time um but I have not actually ever sharpened them so the good thing about this it has a powerful grip so you basically put it onto a clean dry surface like this and then it has this little lever here which  you pull down and it really suctions to the side like you cannot move it at all that I’m trying with all of my weight to move it so it won’t like move around when you’re sharpening your knives there’s nothing you have to hold and that you could potentially cut yourselves so once it’s like securely on then you literally just that all the sound is horrible though once you’ve sharpened your knives it says select pull it through three or four times by she did it ten because it was so very blunt but once you’ve actually sharpened them that all you do to take it off it’s just pull the lever up and then there’s a little arrow here which youcan just pull up and it pops off you can see all the little bits of metal from the knives itself and they do look a lot sharper so there you have it apparently the world’s best knife sharpener and it was super simple to use I really liked it definitely encouraged me to sharpen my knives more often so this one gets a big  thumbs up another weird viral kitchen hack.


Crumb Vacuum


Crumb Vacuum you can get them in all kinds of different characters there was the pig and it is a cat a sheep and a dog but I got the cow because it was on prime so this is 9 pounds 25 and is literally just a little  vacuum for your surface so you have a little on/off switch there and then it sucks up the nose yeah in the nose and that’s it so I guess like obviously when my kids make their own toast there is a big mess whatever we do anything with sprinkles they go everywhere so this is like rather than wiping it away you can use this little thing so I’ve got the little tray out of our toaster with all the crumbs on it so I’m going to test it out now just put some on the surface and then I thought oh that’s Victor I thought I would also do some of the sprinkles because whenever we do like a decorating with the cookies and stuff literally they go everywhere and then they’re on the floor and they’re a bit was hanging to be honest so let’s see if this little guy can cope with this[Applause] and then when you’re done to get the crumbs out again there’s a little button on here and then her head comes out you just take it off and you go to the bin and there you have it this is definitely a novelty gadget I think like wiping it into the sink is a lot quicker but my kids loved playing with this and it is quite fun.


Jar Openers


Jar openers these are from chef Remi they were 895 they had over 600 ratings at all really really positive and I’ve always joked that I have known these because I struggled to open up any jars I’ll end up mostly getting Matt to do it or running it under hot water or slamming it on the side until I can actually open it I’m going to test it out on a few different jars today so the first thing you have to do is just work out which circle it would go on to so I think this one is going to be the second biggest and so yeah that one works okay now let’s try out my Colman’s mustard so I don’t know whether it’s gonna be this one I think that will work.




    a mug that goes into your shelf like this and then you can hang your extra mugs on this I’m interested to try it out because sometimes we have so many that I actually stack them so I’m gonna test it out in my cupboard today I like it it’s a good little space saver what you should definitely do though is it comes with a little hook and a nail and you’re supposed to like fasten it so that this is a little bit more secure we’re about to move house so I’m not going to do that but I like it especially if you are short on space to the next gadget that I’m going to be trying is the most expensive one it is a crop top multicooker and my kind of bought it because I’ve wanted this for so very long you know I love to use my solar cooker and the one that I have I’ve actually had for over 15 years.




Crock Pot make should last a very long time so this was 90 pounds and it does so many things it’s not only slow cooker but you can bake in it you can steam in it you can sear and you can saute so the main thing that  appealed to me with this is that there are so many slow cooker recipes where they ask you to brown the chicken and brown the sausages brown onions before you turn on the slow cooker and you can actually brown the food in this  because it has like a hot plate or like a pan in it and then you can then turn it into a slow cooker so I’m gonna test that feature out today but in the future I will be trying on like how you even bake in it and stuff like that let’s see if it’s any good so this is it here I think it looks quite nice and when you open it up it comes with a little measuring cup it also comes with a roasting tray so you can either steam or roast on this like if you’re gonna do salmon or fish and then you  can turn it around this way if you wanted to roast a big chicken which I will often do in the slow cooker but today as I said I’m gonna test it out actually browning the food in there and then making it into a slow cooker so you can see here it has like a Browning setting slow cooker roasting baking and sauteing or steaming as well you can choose temperature and time so I’m gonna press high on drop Rosanna okay so it’s preheating now and onions so now everything is nice and browned and I added spices and it’s smelling really good so I’ve turned it off now and I’m gonna switch it to slow cooker and I can then choose like how long I want it I’m gonna have a low heat for five hours and I can just chuck everything else in now.


Bottle Kitchen Tool


bottle kitchen tool bottle I was expecting it to be very gimmicky but all of the sections really work it’s practical it also looks great it’s very Instagram below so this one gets a big thumbs up from me it’s also like quite low in price  and I think would be a lovely gift so yes that’s a win from me next up I’m going to be testing out this blender bottle now this is for pancakes and you guys know that I love to bake pancakes at least once a week in this house but in  this there’s like a little Bowl which acts as a whisk you can put all of the ingredients into this shake it up and then it also has a little nozzle on the top so that you can easily make your pancake so I’m going to test that today I’m a little bit skeptical because it’s 18 pounds 50 but some really good reviews on Amazon over a thousand good reviews so let’s see what it’s like so it comes like this and it has a squeezy bit on the top and then you turn it around and it has a the wide opening at the bottoms that you can put all of your ingredients in this bit there’s also a measurement so you can actually measure your ingredients and this little whisk ball goes in there so I’m just gonna put in my favorite pancake  batter like flour I can go in then I’m gonna milk and also oh it does stand up I’ve got my bathroom and today I’m actually gonna test this out in my waffle maker because I find that more difficult to pour batter into so let’s see how it turns out.


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