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I think you want to know about easy breakfast foods most popular breakfast foods in America so you are coming to the right place here I will tell you about the most popular and easy breakfast foods in 2020 in America view this Article for interesting foods name and his detail.


    Most Popular Breakfast Foods In America


We’re eating breakfast from Spring field Family Restaurant in you guessed it – Springfield, Missouri!! It is time to eat some breakfast!! Springfield Family Restaurant is where I go most often for breakfast when I’m hungry here in  Springfield, Missouri, so I wanted to include them as part of this series. I got one thing from each part of their breakfast menu. First up, I got there Oh My Omelette. This Omelet has it all. It’s got smoked bacon, sausage, smoked ham, cheese, and a whole bunch of healthy

vegetables, topped with country gravy and served with Greek potatoes. Next up I got there Ozark’s Favorite which has a giant chicken-fried steak topped with country gravy, served with two sunny-side-up eggs. For item #3, I had to go with their West Coast Eggs Benedict. It’s a rich and delicious version of Eggs Benedict over a bed of hash browns, bacon, and over-easy eggs. That’s all topped with Hollandaise sauce, fresh avocado, and healthy tomatoes. Next up I got their strawberry crepes.


   Most Popular Breakfast Foods In America


There are three stuffed crepes with sweet cream cheese topped with strawberries and drizzled with dark chocolate. In addition to those entrees, I got some of their delicious cinnamon french toast, and then I got some side items along the way. I got a biscuit and gravy, two giant pancakes, and a cup of fruit, and then to cap everything off, I had to get for dessert one of their fresh-baked cinnamon rolls. Alright! I forgot to mention earlier, I also got a side of their cinnamon swirl toast, but all this delicious

food cost $63.70. With tip, it ended up being $76.44, so great to support the hard-working staff and everybody at Springfield Family Restaurant in Springfield, Missouri, but time to shut up and eat. I’m gonna start off with this biscuit with gravy. 1, 2, 3, Boom!! Alright…I’ve had these a couple of times. They’re always delicious! I always laugh when Europeanscomment on videos, asking what white gravy is, and you guys are missing out. It is delicious!! And as you can see, in the Midwest of the

The United States, we eat a lot of it, but let’s move on to this omelet! That’s why we’re fat! (laughter)Gonna add a little Frank’s Red Hot Sauce to my potatoes. The person I ordered from recommended these, and he was right. These Greek potatoes are awesome! Alright, on to the next entree. I had the option of pork tenderloin or chicken-fried steak and they recommended this so we’ll see how it is. Oh yeah! It’s been forever since I’ve had country fried steak. This is great! Let’s have these Western 

Eggs Benedict. That Hollandaise sauce is amazing! All that Hollandaise sauce made this all go down easy! Let’s eat some crepes! Gonna have some of this cinnamon swirl bread with some healthy strawberry jelly (laughing). Time for some raisin cinnamon French toast.Time for some pancakes. If you’re going to have a bunch of foods like that for breakfast, gotta add in some healthy fruit. Last thing – cinnamon roll.I’ve had these of course before. This is going to be good! AAAHHHHHHH!!!! Yes!!

19 minutes and 16 seconds! I finally finished one in a reasonable time!! Yummy!! That food was so good! My three favorites -easy!! I definitely enjoy it, I love getting omelets when I go out to breakfast places, so I really enjoyed that Oh My Omelette. I also enjoyed the West Coast Eggs Benedict. The Hollandaise sauce and the avocado, everything on that was amazing, and then really enjoyed the strawberry crepes too, so if you live around the Springfield area, definitely check out Springfield Family

Restaurant. They offer a lot more food than just breakfast, and they do serve breakfast all day during their open hours. If you don’t live around the area.


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