If you are looking animals only found in North America We found interesting facts about animals and humans since the beginning of history white animals have been special for us some of them are even considered sacred in a few cultural mythologies they’re not just special for their color but also because of their rarity some say you will almost never see a white animal in your entire life if you live a normal life and do not travel much most white animals come to form because of some genetic mutations which cause the animal not to retain the regular color of its species.

Albino white alligator

 Albino white alligator animals only found in North America what alligators are not different from the American alligator they simply have a different color their scientific name is Mississippi Ensis they have white skin and pink eyes but the eyes may become bluish if they are lucid ‘ok white alligators are the offspring of two normal alligators that have the recessive gene for albinism white alligators are able to reproduce when they are about six feet longie in ten or twelve years they do not blend well in the wild so they are normally found in zoos or alligator farms where they are kept safe from harm it is estimated that almost 100 albinos are left in the world.


Humpback whale

Humpback whale the humpback whale is a species of the baleen whale its scientific name is McAfee er Nev and G lay a normal humpback whale is about 39 to 52 feet length in weighs around 28 to 33 metric tons humpback whales are a friendly species and are good and interactions with other cetacean species female whales reproduce every two or three years the gestation period is 11.5 months it is entirely possible for a female to have multiple mating partners their lifespan ranges from 45 to 100 years


Honduran white bat

Honduran white bat Is name a country in North America Honduran white bat the Honduran white bat is also known as the Caribbean white tent-making bat its scientific name is Ekta Fila alba it has a distinctively white fur which is found in only six of the 13 known bat species there is little information on the Honduran white bat reproduction behavior though it has been found that females give birth in April in September thus they become pregnant twice per year in addition they give birth to one offspring at a time.


Seneca white deer

 Seneca white deer the Seneca white deer goes by the scientific name of Oda kyles Virginia anise they are a rare herd of deer living within the confines of Seneca Army Depot in Seneca County New York because they’re confined in one place and in the 1950s when the order to forbid the hunt for white deer came in place inbreeding has been taking place there but the white deer is still extremely rare according to John Bates and albino deer being born are about 1 in 20,000


Taiwanese white dolphin

 Taiwanese white dolphin animals only found in North America the Taiwanese white dolphin also known as the indo-pacific humpback dolphin goes by the scientific name of Susa Chinese sis Taiwan is they were first found in the shallow waters on the western coast of Taiwan they are normally eight to nine feet long and have a somewhat pinkish color their skin color is white but when they flush their color becomes bright pink not much is known about the reproduction but it is said that they produce almost every other year and the gestation is about 12 months in total at the moment there are only 75 of these species left which makes them incredibly rare and endangered


Snowflake white gorillas

    the white gorilla known as the snowflake is now extinct snowflake was one of the only known albino gorillas he died due to a skin disease which was certainly related to albinism in Spanish he is known as cap Edo dan-Yi of snowflake fathered 22 offspring by three different mates six of those 22 survived none of the offsprings were albino but they should carry the recessive gene of albinism


White hawk

  The scientific name for the white hawk is Luke of tarnishing alba kyles if along to the family a sip of tree day an adult white hawk is about 45 to 46 centimeters long with broad wings and has a white head body and underwings female white hawks are a bit larger and heavier than the male the incubation period for their eggs is about 34 to 36 days the white Hawk is not globally threatened because of the large extent of its range



Domesticated white Hedgehog


Domesticated white Hedgehog Taiwanese white dolphin the white-bellied Hedgehog is the most common domesticated hedgehog the scientific name for it is out Alaric’s alba Ventris they grow to about 6 to  9 inches long and live for approximately 4 to 6 years they are prone to many diseases such as cancer which spreads very fast and hedgehogs it is said that only 1 in 100,000 hedgehogs are born with the recessive albino gene


White koala  


      koala goes by the scientific name of Pascal arctos cinereous a white koala was born in an Australian zoo the mother of the Koala had already given birth to many light-colored koalas but a white koala is extremely rare dr. Roose booth the zoo’s wildlife director said that it would have been quite unfortunate if he were born in the wild because their white color makes them an easy target for different predators on forever green


White lion

     The white line is a rare color mutation of the line species it has the scientific name Panthera leo white lines are not albinos their white color is caused by a recessive trait derived from a less severe mutation in the same gene that causes albinism they vary from blonde to near white although the difference in their color does not pose any danger towards them white lions are critically endangered since there are only 11 white lions in the wild.

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